Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lights, Camera, Action

Our class has become so talented when performing our reader theater plays that we are able to practice and perform one in the same day! Our group in the pictures did a fractured fairy tale version of Kind Midas. In this play everything the queen touches turns to chocolate! The voices and expressions of our performers kept us giggling and engaged! BRAVO!

What Is Air?

Soon we will be meteorologists in room 3 but first we have a lot to learn about air. Through many experiments and observations we have learned that air is a powerful force that can move things. We saw how air can create air resistance and compresses with pressure. Although we cannot see air, we know it makes up wind and changes the weather.

Point of View

Our class gave two thumbs up to the book The One And Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. This story is told from the point of view of Ivan, a gorilla whose home for 27 years is a glass cage in the center of a mall. We feel every emotion Ivan has as he describes his lonely life without other gorillas or the ability to roam outdoors. His courage to free a baby elephant brought to the mall is exciting. It was hard for us to stop reading every day.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! In our classroom we enjoy putting all of these into our learning! We have many opportunities to put our thinking into action and observe how and why things work. After learning about gravity and forces we designed roller coasters and competed against our classmates for the best creation. We tested and redesigned our rolling systems until we were confident we used the gravitational pull and slants in a way that made our marble travel the longest.

Writers Fair

We got to show off our writing at the writers fair. Our animal research book and our home writing project were on display. We are very proud of our books!

Sharing Our Research

We chose an animal that we would like to learn more about. We used many resources to learn what our animal looks like, how it behaves, what it eats, and their life cycle. We created an informational book about our animal and used many text features. We shared our learning with the class with a PowerPoint.

Book Fair

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Twice a year our school has a Scholastic Book Fair. The students are eager to see new titles in their favorite series and brand new characters. This year we fell in love with a dog named Ranger who travels back in time. We are grateful to our volunteers who bring the book fair to our school.

Who Will Be Our Class President?

We ran for class president. We had to write speeches to tell about our traits that would make us a great president. We created colorful campaign posters. It was a lot of fun! Our friend Vinny won and was president of the day!

Valentine's Day

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We had a fabulous time at our Valentine's Day party. Lots of thanks to our creative parents for wonderful treats and crafts.