Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mystery Reader

We were so lucky to have another mystery reader! Cheyenne's mom shared with us two wonderful stories! The first one taught us a lesson on being polite. The second one was a version of Cinderella that taught us about the Native American culture. It was a fascinating story. We made connections to how it is like the fairy tale we know so well and yet different in many ways. Thank you for sharing amazing stories with us!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Senior Year

My son Greg was named captain of the Bradley Braves 2014 baseball team. It is hard to believe he is a senior. It feels like just yesterday he was in second grade! I'm counting down to the opening of spring season!

Book Fair

Thank you PTW for putting together a fabulous book fair! Our class loved seeing all the books on display and the Eqyptian theme. We were so excited to be gifted with so many new books for our classroom too!

Nature Dan

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Thank you parents for supporting a visit from Nature Dan from the Bartlett Park District. He spent almost two hours with us teaching us many new facts about insects and sharing some of his favorite creatures with us!

I Mustache You A Question!

Collecting data was so fun as we asked..."I mustache you a question." The students created their own survey, collected data, and represented it in a bar graph. The information learned was very interesting and the pictures were hysterical!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Buddy Writing

Sometimes we buddy write in our class. Students were recently challenged to write a story about a nonliving thing and tell a story from its point of view. We chuckled when we heard the story about the stapler who had a bad back from being pressed down on so much and no one ever said thank you for all the hard work it did!

Stars of the Stage

Who is hiding behind these costumes? ...some of our favorite actors from room 3! How fun it is to bring a story to life with costumes, actions, and great voices! Every week our class enjoys a performance from a new group of students.

Pounds VS Ounces

We experimented with a spring scale to understand the difference between a pound and an ounce. Most of our predictions about what weighed a pound were wrong! Once we learned what a pound felt like, we were very good at predicting how many ounces items weighed that were less than a pound. We thought of many uses for using a spring scale.

Mystery Reader

Rachel's mom was a mystery reader! She read The Pencil by Allan Ahlberg. It was a very clever story about a pencil who draws a boy, a cat, a dog, and world for them to play in. It also draws a paint brush which brings everything to life until the eraser causes trouble! We all loved the story!