Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wayne Rockathon!

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Thank you parents for your tremendous support! The Rockathon was a blast and a great way to celebrate our community of learners, parents, and teachers at Wayne School!


We have butterflies!  We were shocked at how fast our larvae got fat and turned into a chrysalis.  One of our observant students noticed a butterfly emerging.  It was amazing!  It was many hours until its wings were dry and it was able to flutter in the cage.  A painted lady only has a life span of 2-4 weeks.  We will be keeping our butterflies well taken care of and enjoy observing their colors and behaviors.

Mystery Reader

Our first mystery reader came to second grade.  Thank you Mrs. Krueger for sharing such a fun book with us!  The students enjoyed learning what you loved to read in second grade.  Thanks for visiting our class!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reading With Expression!

We practice reading with expression using our poetry binders.  We learn how to read with rhythm and express the punctuation in our voice. 
 We also love Piggie and Elephant books.  We choose a character to be and use our voice to show the emotions and personality of the character.   

Learning About Frogs

We have a frog expert in our classroom!  The students had so much fun learning about frogs.  They  researched all about frogs and wrote our first informational report.  During our studies we enjoyed Frog and Toad books and learned about character traits.  It was fun observing real frogs, reading nonfiction and fiction books about them, and singing frog songs!

Our Math Scroll Winners!

The students were challenged to work on a number scroll whenever they had a free moment from their daily work.  Our winners got into the 1.000s.  Congrats to our hard workers!
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