Sunday, October 2, 2016

Learning About Butterflies

Judy Seigler is a retired u46 teacher and member of the Wayne Garden Club. Her club worked with the 6th grade class when they were ready to dig the butterfly garden in the back of our school. Mrs. Seigler came to our school to tell us about the different plants that attract butterflies. We learned the names of many of the plants and identified them by using pictures of the flowers. We also learned how important butterflies are to nature. We are anxious to observe our butterfly garden again once spring comes.

Being An Entomologist!

In second grade we are entomologist or scientists who study insects. Out first learning adventure was creating a habitat for a mealworm. We observed its growth from a mealworm, pupa, and beetle. We also had ants. waxworms, and butterfly larvae in our room to watch the lifecycle and compare the changes.

Mr. Patterson The Beeman!

Mr. Patterson has many beehives that he maintains and collects their honey! He taught us about the life cycle, behaviors, and the job of a beekeeper. We were amazed observing the part of his beehive he brought with live bees in it! Mr. Patterson also had us sample honey and pretend we were swarming! It was a great field trip brought to us!