Saturday, November 15, 2014

Data Collecting

It was data collecting week in room three and we had a lot of fun creating surveys, collecting data, and creating graphs to show our results. Mrs. Partyka's data collecting included tasting different kinds of popcorn. Our class liked cheese the best but we were surprised how many liked vanilla caramel too! It was a fun way to work with data collecting!

Learning About Owls

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We learned a lot about owls! We read many books and compared two different kinds of owls as part of our research. The best part was taking apart an owl pellet and sorting the bones. We were able to learn what the owl ate by matching the bones to a bone chart showing different animals owl eat.

Writing With Pictographs

We have been studying what life was like for the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. We learned that the Native Americans created stories using pictographs. We created our own using both words and pictures and put them on large pieces of paper. It was fun to take a museum walk and read all the stories our fellow classmates wrote.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


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Reported By: Collin We had our Halloween parade and party. Kaden and I were the grand marshals of the parade. A police car led the parade past the post office and police station. After the parade we had our party. We had four stations that included the mystery chairs, spooky snacks, bag making, and spooky buckets. It was a great time!

Witch's Brew

We created a witch's brew in room three. It included bat wings, spooky ghosts, worms, and other Halloween treats. The students sorted the treat and completed many math problems using their brew. After their work was complete, they enjoyed the spooky snack.

Spooky Stories

The students enjoyed writing spooky stories. They peer edited and added more descriptive words and sound words. The class got to listen to all the stories by flashlight. It was a chilling time in room three.