Saturday, September 24, 2011

Book Spotting

Check out the book Hannah is reading...Ms Hannah Is Bananas!


Our first Accelerated Reader champs are Hailey and Ryan. They read 10 books and took the quizes on them. They had to pass each one with an 80% or better. Their pictures are up in our hall and in the library.

Wayne's Walkathon

Wayne School students worked hard to earn pledges for our school. We had a special day for our walkathon. We walked the grounds of the school and celebrated our great school. Our funds will help with new resources for our school. Last year the PTW purchased Elmos for all the classrooms.

Insect Searching

We are learning about insects in second grade. Currently we have ants, beetles and crickets in our room. We have been busy researching and observing them. We enjoyed searching outdoors for insectrs in their natural habitats and watching their behaviors. We are becoming insect experts!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Working Together

It's fun to learn together! We have so many new friends in second grade and we enjoy working together!

It's A New Year!

It is a new school year and my new group of favorite second graders are an amazing group. They are eager to start and so am I! Check in often to see what we are learning in room 3!

Emily Does A Triathalon!

I ran a triathalon! I had to bike, run and swim. I was really tired at the end but had fun doing it!