Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mystery Genre

We began learning about a new genre in class, mysteries. The students are learning how to take notes of the clues, suspects, and events to solve a crime or prank in our newest genre study. Many of the students have never read a mystery before. Some students are choosing new mystery titles to read on their own.

Amelia Bedelia Fashion Show

What would Amelia Bedelia think sunglasses are? Well, glasses with suns right on them! The students were very creative designing outfits that only Amelia Bedelia understands. Our event continued in our classroom for some refreshments because we know that is what Amelia Bedelia was best!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

South Elgin HS Band!

We had a rockin' visit from the South Elgin High School band! The students were inspired by their performance and many are asking when they can take band. Lucky for our students they can start in fifth grade and have lessons at school!

Learning About Air

The students are learning about air and how the wind effects the weather by moving clouds and changing temperatures. They created a weather vane and observed how an anemometer works. They also played with bubbles to observe how the wind moved them and they could not control the direction that they blew in. Soon the students will take all they have learned to become meteorologists and report on the weather keeping a journal over two weeks. After the two weeks they will analyze the data to see how consistent or changing the weather was during that time.

Mystery Reader

We enjoyed a visit from Erik's dad who read us a variety of books included one about the Cubs! We enjoyed his expressions when he read which kept us laughing. One of our favorite second graders said he is a REALLY good reader! Thanks for being a mystery reader!

Our Wax Museum

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The second graders put together our first wax museum! They researched a famous history maker, put together a cereal box type report, dressed in costume, wrote a speech, and created a banner. The museum opened for parents to visit and got rave reviews!