Sunday, February 26, 2017

Spelling Fun

How many different ways can you find to practice your spelling words?  Today we wrote them on our friends back and tested their knowledge of the words!

Rock Day!

It's rock day in room 3!  The students had to identify various rocks using a variety of resources.  They had a river rock mixture that they separated into different size rocks.  The smallest they found was sand.  We put the sand into water and watched how silt layered into the mixture.  This is clay!  Tomorrow we will play with clay to make sculptures.

Valentine's Day

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There is a lot of love in room 3!  Thank you parents for a wonderful Valentine's Day party!  Everyone enjoyed the craft, games, and food!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Learning About Rocks

As geologists it has been our job to note the properties of rocks.  We put them in water and observed how erosion breaks apart rocks.  We have many more investigations in the coming weeks and we know we are going to be experts one day soon!

Presenting Fables

We are learning about many different kinds of genres in second grade.  We learned about fables in a unique way.  We were put into groups and given a play script of a fable.  We had to pick parts, design props, and practice so we our audience understood the character flaws and moral of the story.  We heard many different stories and totally understood personification as our animal characters took on human qualities.  It was a lot of fun!

Rolling Creations

We took all we learned about balance and motion to create runway systems that went far and with some added bumps and turns.  It was a busy time of designing and redesigning to get the best results. Students were most impressed when a system traveled a lot of distance and had a dramatic finish like a jump into a bucket.  We enjoyed watching everyone's creation.

Matt Wilhelm!

Matt Wilhelm Is from Oak Lawn, Illinois!  He is a 3 time X Games medalist and was an America's Got Talent finalist for his talent doing tricks on his BMX bike.  He also has a talent for motivating students to do their best in school and be good friends.  His anti-bullying message is the main focus of his show and had an impact on all of us.