Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mystery Reader

We love having mystery readers! Mrs. Barot read to us a biography on Martin Luther King and an adorable, new book about a lost hat. Thank you for visiting our class!

Multiplication Fun

Multiplication can be fun to learn when playing a card game of matching arrays. The students also created their own multiplication number stories where they showed equal groups of objects. Both arrays and pictures of objects can help students visualize why we use multiplication.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Remarkable Reindeer

I was so excited to see reindeer at the San Diego Zoo! We learned so many interesting facts about them from our book Remarkable Reindeer. I can't be sure if this was a girl or boy reindeer since the female can have antlers too!

Traveling West

I spent most of my winter break traveling west. I started in Nevada and visited parts of Arizona with a final stop for New Years Eve in San Diego. I remember reading a book in class where a father and his sons write to mom about their trip on Route 66. I was on this road a lot this vacation!

Holiday Fun!

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Thank you parents for another fabulous party! The students loved the crafts and yummy treats!

Mystery Reader

Thank you Mrs. Jayne for being a mystery reader! We loved the book and having you visit with us!

The Marshmallow Incident

After reading The Marshmallow Incident the students created 3D shapes. They used fettuccine noodles and marshmallows for their designs. They identified the faces, edges, and vertices.

Food, Family and Thanksgiving

Our class was so thrilled to perform for our families plays about food, family, and Thanksgiving. After learning about the history of the first Thanksgiving, we put together a special performance to express our gratitude to our families.

U46 Planetarium

We learned so much about the planets and starts at the u46 planetarium. The star machine created a night sky that seemed very real. We learned how to locate stars in the sky and visited each of the planets.